Current Happening at GCTU


The Property department of the University College has initiated a “GTUC Goes Green” project to promote and facilitate sustainable practices at Ghana Technology University College by creating a more sustainable campus and community.The project which started in August 2014 is also aimed at reducing waste, lowering our carbon trails, and educating staff and students on best practices while supporting to grow local businesses who are into recycling by supplying them with waste materials they need for recycling. In practice, going green does not only involve recycling but means adopting five basic principles in our daily lives which are important in protecting the environment from harm, as well as helping to ensure a sustainable environment.

The five basic principles are:
• Reducing consumption and waste
• Conserving Energy
• Reducing pollution
• Conserving Resources
• Protecting the earth’s ecological balance

The department currently has a planned work schedule for two principles:
A. Reducing Consumption and Waste
Going green in the context of reducing consumption and waste means Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. GTUC now uses old refurbished furniture at the Video Conference Centre. Forty (40) old chairs have been refurbished. Materials like wawa boards, plywood and other materials are used for the refurbishment.
The department has a disposal site near the main stores for collection recyclable materials for recycling. It is expected that, more labeled plastic bins will be positioned at vantage points on Campus for collection of recycling materials.
As part of the project, faculty and staff as well as students are encouraged to sort their waste in order to facilitate the recycling process.
Sorting helps to maintain the quality of our recyclables which makes them more attractive to companies that purchase these materials
Conserving Energy
The department plans to replace old appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners which are less energy efficient, either because they were not designed to be so, or they are no longer in their optimal working conditions.

Our attempt to use less energy could be complemented by turning off lights when they are not in use or directly engaging in energy efficient practices.

Phase one of the project on this principle, is changing all 2-in-1 two feet fluorescent tubes at offices and lecture rooms at the Abeka campus to 30-65w energy saving bulbs and educating students through posters to use energy wisely. These energy efficiency tips will not only allow GTUC to conserve energy but also save money.
Solar energy as a reliable alternative source of energy is already in use at GTUC for the main Administration Block. GTUC’s commitment to finding alternative source of energy is shown by the execution of a Solar Project which is managed by the Technology Research and Innovation Centre (TRIC).

It is our expectation that, solar energy could be adopted as a supplementary source of energy for the University College especially for all our new projects as long as we continue to enjoy an appreciable level of sunshine.
What can I do to help the “GTUC Goes Green” Project?
You have already helped!
By reading this article, you have made yourself a recycling expert ready to help reduce waste at Ghana Technology University College. Knowledge is Power! Use what you’ve learnt and share it with your friends!