Current Happening at GCTU


Ghana Technology University College is launching its new identity to portray its values and ideals. The week long programme started with a Float through the principal streets of Accra.

The 6-hour Float went through the principal streets of Accra on Monday, with staff and Students, as well as volunteers distributing flyers and explaining the purpose of the launch, programme offering, admission processes and the uniqueness of GTUC education to interested residents and members of the general public along the route.

The Float which started at the Tesano campus went through Avenor, the Kwame Nkrumah Circle, the Adabraka main street, Rawlings Park Business Area, Accra High Street, Asylum down Ring Road Area and back to campus. At the Rawlings Park Business Area, traders who were engaged in the sale of their wares paused and danced to tunes that came from the campaign truck. This created the opportunity for floaters to share information with them and also have feedback about GTUC.

The DJ on the trail, who is a student at GTUC assured the public of quality education and invited all to come to GTUC and enjoy the unique experience.

Present during the float were Senior Members, Staff, leadership of the Student Representative Council, Students and volunteers from the University Community.

In an interview, a Student Affairs Officer, Mr. Samuel Seglah who took part in the float, said “Even though the float marked the beginning of a week long programme to launch the new GTUC, it was also a physical exercise to help us burn some calories which is good for our health.

He also added that, feedback from people they interacted with goes to confirm that, indeed GTUC has a place in the tertiary education market space. He used the opportunity encourage all to contribute to build the University College.

The memorable event was one of excitement and fun. Kudos to organisers!