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GTUC Organises Career Info Shop 2015

To help curb graduate unemployment and equip students with the necessary skills that will make them employable after school, GTUC has organised the annual Career Info shop (previously known as Career Fair)

The Career Info shop was instituted in 2009 by the Student Affairs Unit. The purpose of the fair is to inform students about career opportunities in the job market as well as create a platform for networking with industry leaders.

The GTUC 2015 Career Info shop saw the participation of twenty two (22) corporate institutions operating in various sectors of the Ghanaian economy such as Telecommunications Engineering, Information Technology, Banking, Accounting, Marketing, Human Resource Management etc.

Students used the opportunity to interact with representatives of the corporate institutions and asked various questions relating to internship opportunities, National Service, part-time and full-time jobs. Students also had the opportunity to present their Curriculum Vitae to some participating companies for review to be considered for internship during the long vacation.

In addition to the companies that participated, there was a self-development centre at the fair with seasoned Human Resource Management Practitioners who took students through mock interviews and CV Clinics. The mock interview sessions gave students a feel of real life interviews and exposed them to how interviews are conducted by potential employers.

Activities included self-development sessions, introduction to the I-Voluntary programme, seminar on entrepreneurship and a time with alumni

The I-Voluntary programme is a project dedicated to providing year round opportunities for student and youth volunteers to contribute to the national development processes by participating in projects that will help to better the lot of the underprivileged in deprived communities.

The programme is run by alumni of GTUC who have undertaken certain voluntary projects in their communities under the auspices of the YINTA Foundation. Alumni shared their experiences with the students and also encouraged them to volunteer into community service as a sure way of giving back to society. A number of students signed up for this programme.

Three of the participating companies; Vodafone Ghana, MTN and Weston Capital made power point presentations to the students. The presentations focused on what the companies do, their internal processes and how one can access a career opportunity.

Weston Capital, an investment banking company took the opportunity to introduce students to employment opportunities in that sector and encouraged them to start taking the professional examinations.   Students took the opportunity to ask very relevant questions.

The Student Affairs Unit pledges to continuously improve upon the Career Info shop every year in line with one of its core values, “Continuous Improvement”

The unit also wishes to express its appreciation to management and all units/departments that supported us to make this year’s Career Info shop a successful one.