Current Happening at GCTU

GTUC Organises Brand Awareness Training for Staff

6_1.jpgThe Human Resource Unit in collaboration with the University Relation Office has organised a 5-day brand awareness training for staff of the University.

The training was a follow up to the re-branding of the University College which was culminated with a grand launch last year and also as a response to recent concerns about employee attitudes and poor customer service at GTUC.

The GTUC’s employee brand training focused on enhancing staff understanding of the GTUC brand. It also gave participants knowledge and tools to build cohesive and accurate brand messaging. The expectation is that staff will ultimately deliver on the core values of Excellence, Student-Centred, Academic Freedom, Innovation and Integrity.

As part of the training, participants had to interact with students to seek their views on whether GTUC is committed to living its core values. Students took the opportunity to vent their grievances and dissatisfaction. Participants were also were trained on how the brand applies to each facet of the organization’s operation and how it can be delivered through staff behavior and customer service.

The objectives of the training include but not limited to the following:

  • To get staff to understand, internalise and live the new core value of the University
  • Analyze and identify key elements of a successful brand
  • Build greater respect and emotional attachment to GTUC, its products and services
  • Help participants to communicate the GTUC brand values to all stakeholders
  • Help link staff behavior and customer service to the GTUC brand values

Miss Agnes Darkwa,a participant said, “I just want to extend a huge thank you to the HR and University Relations Office for facilitating this brand training for staff. Indeed the training has helped me to appreciate our core values better”. Kudos to the organisers.

Facilitators of the training include, Miss Afua Amankwah Sarkodie, Head, University Relation, Miss Yaa Essah Ackor, Head, Quality Promotion and Assurance Unit and Miss Vera Graham, Head, Graduate Admissions.

The training will be extended to all staff and faculty.